Motonari Komatsu
Motonari Komatsu

Societe Generale


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  • How were JOL and JOLCO investments treated in pandemic-related insolvency proceedings? パンデミック関連の倒産手続きでは、JOLおよびJOLCO投資はどのように扱われたか?
  • How can investors best protect themselves in a Chapter 11 situation?  連邦破産法第11条(チャプター11)状況下、投資家は自分自身を守ることはできるのか?
  • What is the likelihood of more defaults? What are the remedies? 債務不履行がさらに増える可能性は?救済措置は?
  • Understanding the best ways to retain the value of a distressed asset 財務危機に陥ったエアライン向け資産の価値を維持する最善の方法を理解する
Takahiro Matsumoto
Managing Executive Officer, FPG
Yusuke Honma
Head of Japan, Clover Aviation Capital
Ted Nozaki
Managing Director, Asahi Aviation
Motonari Komatsu
Director, Societe Generale


  • How have engine leases compared with aircraft leases?  エンジンリース vs 機材リース
  • What are the key differences between the two? 両者の主な違いは何か?
  • Which narrowbody and regional aircraft were most used during the pandemic? パンデミック時に最も使用されたナローボディ機とリージョナル機は?
  • How should this inform investment strategy going forward? これを今後の投資戦略にどのように反映されるべきか?
Yusuke Nakazawa
Manager, Hyakugo Bank
Saburo Koyama
CEO, iStrings
Baku Hashimoto
Vice President, Development Bank of Japan
Motonari Komatsu
Director, Societe Generale
Noriko Nozaki
Head of Japan and South Korea, Ishka