Siddharth Narkhede
Siddharth Narkhede
Senior Analyst


United Kingdom

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  • What are the key metrics to measure an airline’s health today? 昨今、航空会社の健全性を理解するための主な指標とは?
  • Tier one carrier case studies | Tier1航空会社のケーススタディ:
    • How are FSCs adapting to compete with LCCs and ULCCs? FSCはどのようにLCCやULCCへ立ち向かうのか?
    • What does KAL’s takeover of Asiana and similar mergers tell us about the market? 大韓航空によるアシアナ航空の買収は市場に何を教えてくれるのか?
    • Will more government support be required for airlines? さらなる政府支援は航空会社に必要か?
  • Which carriers are currently at most risk of default? デフォルトリスクの高いエアラインは?
Siddharth Narkhede
Senior Analyst, Ishka