Brendan Sobie
Brendan Sobie
Independent Analyst & Consultant

Sobie Aviation


Brendan Sobie has been working in the aviation industry for over 20 years as a writer, analyst and consultant. Brendan is currently working as an independent analyst and consultant, having established in 2019 the Singapore-based firm Sobie Aviation. He served as chief analyst for CAPA from 2011 to 2019, based in Singapore, and as an editor for Flightglobal from 2000 to 2011, based in the US, Singapore and UK.

Brendan has extensive experience covering emerging markets in Asia Pacific as well as in Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. He is a prolific author, writing over the last year several white papers, studies and media commentaries related to the COVID-19 crisis. Brendan provides strategic advice for a wide range of companies including airports, airlines, aircraft leasing companies, development banks, investment banks and IT suppliers.

Brendan is a widely recognized thought leader on aviation issues in Asia Pacific. Brendan gives frequent presentations, is an instructor on aviation courses and is often quoted by the international media. Recent television appearances include Bloomberg and CNBC. Brendan has a degree in industrial and labor relations from Cornell University in New York.

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  • Comparing different asset utilisation during the pandemic across APAC. Which aircraft type has been the most heavily utilised? APAC(アジア太平洋地域)において、パンデミック時の資産活用度の違いを比較する。最も多く使用されたのはどのタイプの航空機か?
  • How can airlines balance flexibility and economies of scale in their fleets? エアラインは、機材調達において、柔軟性と規模の経済性のバランスをどのようにとることができるか?
  • What do order books and revised delivery schedules in the region tell us about fleet strategy over the coming years? アジア太平洋地域での注文状況や納入スケジュールの変更は、今後数年間の機材戦略についてどのようなことを示しているのか?
  • What does this mean for investors and lessors? What are the potential opportunities? それによる投資家やリース会社にとっての意味合いは?、また、潜在的な投資機会は?
Brendan Sobie
Independent Analyst & Consultant, Sobie Aviation
Victor Vieira
Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Embraer