Kata Cserep
Kata Cserep
VP and Global MD Aviation


United Kingdom

Kata is a leading expert in global aviation, serving clients in government, the private sector, the investment community, and industry associations. She manages a team of nearly 100 specialists in airline strategy, fleet, and network planning; airlines, airports, and maintenance, repair, and overhaul ; and business planning, mergers and acquisitions, and investment advisory for aviation-related assets. She also leads an in-house data-science team adept at interrogating large and complex data sets to reveal insights on truly complex challenges.

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  • What is green financing? How is this linked in Sustainable Development Goals? グリーン・ファイナンスとは?持続可能な開発目標(SDGs)との関連性は?
  • Is ESG affecting investor appetite for aviation?  投資家の航空への投資意欲にESGは影響を与えるか?
  • Do European investors see any opportunities for green financing with airlines and lessors in Japan? 欧州の投資家は、日本の航空会社やリース会社にグリーン・ファイナンスの機会を見出すか?
  • What can airline and lessors do in order to attract green financing?  グリーンファイナンスの資金を誘致するため、エアラインやリース会社ができる事とは?
Kata Cserep
VP and Global MD Aviation, ICF
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Head of Aircraft Finance, Natixis Investment Managers
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